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Saker Sportscars says Bonjour

to the Pistenclub and the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

19 September 2023 | Partner News

Wow! After a journey with all kinds of pitfalls from traffic jams to strong winds, the time has finally come: it's off to the Ardennes roller coaster in Belgium.For the first time, we from Saker Sportscars took advantage of the Pistenclub track day to get to know the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps with its faster turns and breathtaking passages.
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    Saker Sportscars

As soon as we arrived, we were guided by the many signposts in the paddock along the flags and signs of the Pistenclub to the Formula 1 pits. In a friendly atmosphere, the first contacts were quickly made and the refinements of the track were enthusiastically discussed. In the paddock, there was a lively exchange among motorsport enthusiasts and we joined other starters from the race car group. At 9 a.m. the drivers' briefing already started. This was conducted in an exemplary manner, of course all participants were obliged to take part - Safety First! In perfect weather, we went out onto the track. The first turn was used to get to know the track and the car and to feel the conditions of the asphalt. I quickly noticed how fast and smooth this track actually is. You can really only experience this track fully if you drive it yourself. All previous impressions from video games or TV recordings were forgotten and pure emotion came up: It's crazy how much courage you have to bring with you to even reach the limits of your car. Driving through the "Eau Rouge" combination of bends and then up the uphill straight at 200 km/h is pure goosebumps for us motorsport fans.

Thanks to the low weight of only 785 kg, the 275 hp Subaru boxer engine has an easy job.

We were on the road with two of our RapX models, also to test a few new features and settings. It quickly became clear that the low centre of gravity and the comparatively low weight of our vehicles (<800kg) work perfectly on such a fast race track. At the heart of our Saker models sits Subaru's 2.0-litre 4-cylinder boxer engine. Its compact, slim design keeps the centre of gravity low. The weight rests centrally between the axles. This creates easy controllability and confidence even for inexperienced drivers. With 275 hp in the base configuration, we also had surprisingly enough power when accelerating out of the "Eau Rouge" due to the balance between downforce and power, so you didn't get bored on the subsequent long straight. Our almost original Subaru production engine surprised us once again by still not reaching the end of its performance in fifth gear and at almost 245 km/h.

The low weight is what makes the Saker stand out. This is also noticeable in the dimensions.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the demanding track, it was a pleasant atmosphere; the rules made clear in the drivers' briefing were observed by everyone in an exemplary manner; the participants used an indicator, for example, to indicate overtaking very clearly. We have really rarely experienced that in the context of a track day. The Pistenclub implemented the driving time in each turn in such a way that there were even 45-minute turns in some cases. So there was plenty of time to test different settings. Reduce the air pressure a little and off you went. If racing is to be affordable and feasible for everyone, parts, set-up and construction have to be easy to handle and adjust and have a long service life. Get in and go, without compromise - we were able to confirm this once again at the Pistenclub trackday. We want to get the maximum out of the car, but we don't push it to the limit. The result is high durability and long maintenance intervals of over 100 hours.

Not only the livery, but also the flat silhouette is reminiscent of the legendary Group C racing cars.

During the short breaks, we always talked to other drivers and colleagues. From Porsche GT3 Cup to Renault Clio Cup, everything was there. A popular meeting point was the track's own petrol station, as all the cars needed a lot of fuel on this fast track. By the way: If you are looking for fun, want to switch off and forget everyday life, Saker is the right place for you. Neither complicated setup settings nor a team of mechanics are necessary to drive our cars professionally. On top of that, the fun can be shared, the two-seat configuration makes it possible. Saker Sportscars can be driven at many national and international events. In addition to the Pistenclub trackdays, we also drive in endurance races, regularity tests, historic events, hill climbs and numerous other events. If our vehicles and the possibility of uncomplicated driving on great race tracks like the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps sound as exciting to you as they do to us, we would of course be delighted to hear from you! Once again, a big thank you to the Pistenclub for organising a passionate and professional series of events that makes driving race cars possible for everyone who is interested and enthusiastic, and especially offers beginners a great and unique platform for gaining experience on brilliant GP tracks. We are already looking forward to the next one!

Technical data

  • Tubular steel frame with GRP body (various body styles available)
  • 2-litre boxer engine from Subaru with 275 hp
  • 5-speed H-pattern gearbox
  • Price: Ready to race from 60,800 € plus VAT.
  • Upcoming events

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