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The first "first time"

Mugello with the Porsche

01 May 2023 | Member stories

Some things in life you do for the first time. But in 2023, Peter and Isabell had such an experience several times with the Pistenclub. Isabell had resolved to drive the 911 actively as well. After the winter drift training in Austria, they went on a short holiday to Tuscany in April - including a trackday in Mugello.
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    Isabell and Peter Geirhos
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    Isabell and Peter Geirhos

So we started last year with a driving training session at an airfield. The real, first "first time" was then at the winter drift training in Muhr (Austria) at the beginning of 2023. After cautious steps to experience the car crosswise, things then went very quickly. By the end of the first day, Isabell had the "PSM (Porsche Stability Management) off", went cross-curve hunting and we really had fun. Since it was the first real drift training for both of us, we really learned a lot: about lining up, throttle strokes, holding drift and left braking to stabilise - a great experience. You always meet new like-minded people: a likeable father-daughter team with whom we immediately planned further joint driving events at the Pistenclub - greetings go out to Bernhard and Elena.

Selfie with a view of Florence: The Geirhos family combined the trackday with a short holiday in Tuscany.

In the years before, we had already talked about a trackday in Italy from time to time. Enjoying spring in Italy while it's still cold here. So we booked Mugello for April - our second "first time" - a trackday in Italy. We have often heard the phrase: "Mugello is one of the most beautiful race tracks." So with this expectation, we strapped the car onto the trailer and drove with child and luggage over the Brenner Pass to Tuscany. Because it is best to combine such trips with a short holiday, we visited Florence on one day and otherwise, of course, the surroundings in the Tuscan countryside. Only the expected spring was probably in a traffic jam. At the trackday in Mugello, we were glad that we had packed caps and headbands. It was said that even the ancients had never experienced such a cold April.

So the third "first time" started in icy wind and beautiful sunshine. Isabell had never been a co-driver on a race track before. This is a special challenge, because so far turns in the family car led to sentences like "don't drive so fast into the turn, I'm going to be sick" or "I'm about to get out". But despite all the fears, it went very well.

4046514Thrills with a fun factor: seeking the limit on a GP track.

We only knew the track in Mugello from onboard videos. So we took it easy at first. Because the starting grid was not full, we were able to look for our line in peace and quiet. Horst's (Boes Motorsport) optimisations also worked very well, so we were able to drive all six stints in a relaxed manner. And how was Isabell doing now? It's one thing to drive around the poles in a slalom during a driving training, but it's quite another to search for the limit on a GP track. Isabell didn't do badly, she had confidence in the driver and clearly also had fun jumping into the brakes at 260 km/h at the end of start-finish. She was the best co-driver in the world.

And yes, Mugello is indeed a dream. It's a beautiful track, everything is state of the art, incredibly well embedded in the Tuscan hills. In addition, as a spectator you can drive around the entire track - we did this in our stint breaks with our trailer-pulling car - which gave us another wonderful perspective of the track. A little longing for Tuscany remains in our memories: the evening visit to a Tuscan pizzeria already has so much flair that we will certainly take this route again. On the way home, we spontaneously made a short stop at Lake Garda and strolled a little in Bardolino.

So we are already looking forward to our fourth "first time". Isabell wants to drive on the track herself - the first time on a GP track. The track and instructor have already been booked with the Pistenclub.

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