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A day dedicated

to driving safety

05 July 2024 | Member stories

The aim of a trackday is not only to have fun, but also to train and improve your driving skills. In April, Oli Daeges attended the first trackday on the Tazio Nuvolari Circuit, which has been extended to 5.2 kilometres, to get to know his limits and those of his car in a safe environment and away from public roads.
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    Oliver Daeges

On 6 April, a gloriously beautiful spring day, our group consisting of Jörg, Gerhard, Max and myself (Oli) gathered at the freshly redesigned Tazio Nuvolari racetrack. After extensive modernisation work, the track was not only longer and more challenging, but also the ideal place to improve your driving skills and increase your driving safety.

With the extension to around 5.28 kilometres, the track has become the second-longest in Italy and therefore offers the perfect backdrop not only for motorsport events, but also for safety training in particular. The combination of long straights, fast sections and technically demanding bends enables every participant to practise vehicle control and responsiveness in a controlled environment.

Particularly noteworthy is the commitment of the Pistenclub, which took the opportunity to organise one of its first events focusing on driving safety on the renovated course. On this day, the focus was not on competition, but on learning and improving individual skills. Participants with road-legal vehicles, including high-performance models such as the Porsche GT3 and McLaren, received valuable tips on how to control their cars better and act more safely in different driving situations.

The optimal weather conditions with temperatures around 23-24 degrees helped to ensure that cars and drivers alike were able to perform at their best without exceeding the limits of safety. These conditions allowed each participant to concentrate fully on improving their driving technique.

The journey to and from the route over the picturesque San Bernardino Pass and along the Italian motorways was also part of the holistic experience.

Our stay at "Il Castello di S. Gaudenzio" rounded off the experience. Surrounded by historic walls, we found a suitable place for rest and relaxation, which provided the ideal setting. To summarise, the day at the Tazio Nuvolari racetrack was much more than just a visit to a racetrack. It was an educational experience that provided each participant with valuable insights into driving safety and demonstrated the importance of continuous learning and practice for safety on the road and on the track.

A big thank you to the Pistenclub with its members and helpers. We are already looking forward to future events where driving safety and the driving experience on the Tazio Nuvolari will once again take centre stage.

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