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KÜS Technik

Your partner for safe and legal vehicle modifications

27 February 2024 | Pistenclub-News

We sports drivers are united by the same passion - we want to experience our cars and prove our skills on the race track. But this requires more than just driving skills - your car must be able to keep up with you. Welcome to KÜS Technik, your expert for safe and legal vehicle conversions!

Perhaps you know the problem: You want to optimise your vehicle for use on the racetrack, but are faced with bureaucratic hurdles and uncertainties regarding the feasibility of your modifications? The question of whether your modifications are permissible is gnawing at you and dampening your anticipation of the next track day. Inadequate authorisation of your modifications can have serious consequences. An unauthorised modification can not only lead to the loss of your licence, but in the worst case also to legal consequences. However, these worries should be a thing of the past if you work with the right partner.

With the right technology and expertise, new components can also be tested.

With KÜS Technik, we offer our KÜS inspectors the opportunity to provide you with the tests to determine whether your vehicle conversions are safe and legal for use on public roads. We have been designated as a technical service by the Federal Motor Transport Authority since 2011 and are authorised to carry out assessments of vehicle parts and individual vehicle assessments. Whether modified wheel/tyre combinations, chassis optimisations or aerodynamic modifications: Our KÜS inspectors will help you to ensure that your modifications meet the legal requirements and that you can not only conquer the racetrack without hesitation, but also do not have to fear any consequences on the road.

Numerous satisfied customers have already benefited from our expertise. We have successfully assessed complex conversions and helped to make the vehicles fit for road and racetrack use. Our expert reports have been recognised and customers have been able to drive their modified vehicles safely and legally.

KÜS Technik emphasises its expertise through close cooperation with leading manufacturers in the supplier industry. Be it the preparation of expert reports for rims and track plates or the individual assessment of vehicles from renowned tuning specialists: our experience and expertise enable us to meet the highest standards in the vehicle industry and offer our customers first-class services.

KÜS Technik GmbH ensures that even extensive conversions fulfil the legal requirements.

Our offer to you: Our KÜS inspectors accompany your modification completely, from A to Z. Starting with an initial assessment, in which you report on your project and the feasibility is checked, through to the final assessment of the entire conversion.

Get in touch with your KÜS inspector! Ideally today! Let our experts support you and start the new season with a perfectly prepared car - safe, legal and with maximum performance on the racetrack. Your vehicle dreams are waiting to become reality - with KÜS, your reliable partner for safe vehicle conversions.