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Successful start to the season in snowy Austria

22 January 2023| Pistenclub-News

Frosty temperatures and snow-covered landscapes made for perfect conditions at our first winter drift training in Austria. The participants were able to get to know the limits of their vehicles in a safe environment on the snow-covered circuit.
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On Saturday morning, the participants of the fully booked event gathered from 9 am on the grounds of the Winterfahrcenter in Muhr, Austria. After check-in, the event started as usual at the Pistenclub with the drivers' briefing. Our instructors first taught the participants the basics of drifting, the special features of driving at the limits on ice and snow, and the different drive concepts.

After that, it was finally time to hit the track. At various sections, everyone was able to adjust to the conditions and get used to the lack of grip. Our instructors were on hand to offer help and advice.

The field of participants and the vehicles were a colourful mix. In addition to drift classics like BMW 3 / 4 series and sports cars like the Porsche 911, there were also many four-wheel drive vehicles like the new Toyota GR Yaris at the start.

The fact that the training ground in Muhr is the perfect opportunity to approach the limits is also shown by the interim results of the first day of the event: Only two vehicles left the cleared track and had to be recovered from the adjacent deep snow using a tractor. Nothing was damaged, so both drivers were able to continue driving.

We can hardly wait to welcome you in February for the second event of the season!

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