New track layout at the

Tazio Nuvolari Circuit from May?

  • 24 March 2023 |
  • Pistenclub-News
At 2.8 kilometres long, the Tazio Nuvolari Circuit south of Milan is not one of the biggest tracks on our calendar. That will change drastically in the near future. Construction work on the expansion of the track to 5.2 kilometres is in full swing. But when will you be able to ride the new track?

With a length of 2.805 kilometres, the Tazio Nuvolari Circuit south of Milan is not exactly one of the longest tracks you can drive on with the Pistenclub. However, that is set to change very soon.

The satellite image already shows the complete route layout, as construction work in Cervesina is currently in full swing. The track is currently being extended to 5.260 kilometres. This will make the Tazio Nuvolari Circuit even slightly longer than the Mugello Circuit.

When can the new track be used?

Our local contacts are confident that the construction work will be completed before the end of April. However, we can only guarantee this when the time comes.

What will change as a result?

There are many advantages to the new track length. Of course, the track will be even more interesting for drivers of powerful cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche. In addition, we will be able to let more cars on the track and accept registrations. However, our costs for track rental will increase, so we will be forced to adjust the prices a bit for future events. However, we also have some good news for you:

Price guarantee for the Trackday Tazio Nuvolari on Sunday 28 May

In order for you to be able to plan your dates better and, above all, bindingly, our event in May is now bookable. As soon as the new track layout has been approved, we will adjust the prices accordingly. This will probably happen at the end of April, shortly before the event.

All participants who register before the new route is finalised will pay the same entry fee as before for the short variant of the track: 390€.

Upcoming events

Trackday Tazio Nuvolari
Saturday, 15.07.2023 09:00
Price per vehicle: from 390€
Trackday Tazio Nuvolari
Friday, 13.10.2023 09:00
Price per vehicle: Bookable soon
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