We are happy to inform you that we can carry out our current dates as planned. Of course, together with the track operators, we will make sure that all applicable hygiene regulations are observed in order to make our contribution to contain the pandemic: Keep a distance of 1.5 m to other people. Wear a mouth-and-nose protection in closed rooms. If there are 2 persons in the vehicle, balaclava and gloves are mandatory (helmet as well, of course). Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Disinfectant dispensers are also available. Please refrain from any physical contact such as shaking hands or hugs. Have fun and stay healthy!

The sprint course is the Nürburgring's Grand Prix track without the "Müllenbachschleife" (Müllenbach loop). Due to this, it has a length of about 3.6 kilometers instead of 5.1 kilometers. Undoubtedly the most demanding passage is the "Mercedes Arena", because it is a special challenge to find the racing line here. Besides its high fun level, the sprint course with its spacious run-off areas and gravel traps offers all advantages of a modern racetrack. It is not only the venue for the DTM, but also for the VLN long-distance championship which is driven together with the legendary Nordschleife. Would you like to experience the charm of this course? Then sign up for a Trackday Nürburgring sprint course with the Pistenclub. Here you are offered the opportunity to drive your own car on a real racing circuit and improve your driving technique.


Information about the event

Type of event: Free driver's training on a circuit that is closed for public transport during the event. The purpose of the event is not to achieve maximum speed levels and not to determine the shortest lap times, but to optimize personal driving techniques. The aim of the event is to improve driving safety with regard to road traffic.

Groups: There are two groups by turns, divided into road legal vehicles and non-road legal vehicles.

Noise level: The limit on this day is 100 dB(A).


Additional offers

Guided Laps: This is an opportunity to get to know the course in a small guided group right before the event starts. The drivers follow an experienced instructor in the lead car. More information...

Active Coaching: This means intense participant support and driving practice with experienced instructors, spread over the entire training day. It includes Guided laps. More information...

DMSB Licensing Course: Our course entitles you to the acquisition of the national license level A for automobile sports according to FIA / DMSB. It includes Guided Laps and Active Coaching. More information...



Time Programme
online in advance All participants will receive the contents of the drivers' briefing in advance by e-mail. There will be no drivers' briefing on the day of the event
from 08:00 Registration in the Pistenclub box
08:30 - 09:00 Guided Laps
09:00 - 12:15 Free driving — alternating in 2 groups
12:45 - 13:15 Lunch break
13:15 - 17:30 Free driving — alternating in 2 groups
Subject to change. Please be on site in time to avoid long waiting times.


Price list

Prices Club members Guests
Free driver's training, per group, including lunch 490 €
570 CHF
640 €
740 CHF
Front-seat passenger, including lunch 45 €
50 CHF
45 €
50 CHF
For further prices and information please see the registration form. Information about the club membership.


Important notes

  • All our trackdays require wearing a helmet. Our general driving regulations apply. Furthermore, during driving, the flag signals apply, which are defined by the Pistenclub and the local track marshals. Participation in the driver’s briefing is obligatory for all participants.
  • Rides in return for remuneration, e.g. “taxi rides”, as well as instructions by persons and instructors not authorized by the organizer are not permitted.
  • We reserve the right to exclude participants from the event in case of non-observance of the rules.

Please note that only the information in the respective registration forms is binding for our events.

Pistenclub e.V.

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