We are happy to announce that we can carry out some of our current events as planned.

In order to keep it this way and to be able to confirm further dates, we would like to ask you to do your part to comply with the hygiene measures: Keep your distance at the registration desk, at the coffee table and of course to other participants. Refrain from physical contact. Wash your hands regularly and wear masks to protect yourself and others.

However, in the current situation we still feel compelled to cancel some appointments. Read more...

Um Sie auch während Ihrer schnellen Runden mit Informationen versorgen zu können, sind alle Sportwarte rund um die Strecke mit farbigen Flaggen ausgestattet.

Der Pistenclub orientiert sich an den im Motorsport üblichen Flaggensignalen. Da die Flaggensignale auf den Rennbetrieb ausgelegt sind, behalten wir uns vor, die Signale wenn nötig anders auszulegen. Es gilt die folgende Auflistung der Bedeutungen der Flaggen, sowie die Erklärungen des Briefings zu Veranstaltungsbeginn.


To ensure the smooth running of our events, some rules and driving regulations are inevitable. At all events the Pistenclub relies on trained personnel to ensure compliance with the driving regulations.


At our track days we don't drive against each other but with each other. That's why all drivers have to stick to certain rules to guarantee a smooth running of the event which means more track time and also more safety.


Pistenclub e.V.

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